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Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass...


Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass...It’s about learning to dance in the rain! 

-Vivian Greene


I grew up in a home where play was the language of children and the natural language between parent and child. A little rain storm never stopped my mother from introducing new opportunities for play. She would break out in a refrain of “Singing in the Rain.” As children, my brothers and I had no clue who Gene Kelly was, we just knew that when it rained it still meant something playful. I believe I was one of the lucky few that as a child puddles were expected to be splashed in. 


Even in challenging situations, following a child’s lead through play is relationship building at its finest!


At The Learning Center this playfulness is crucial for our students' learning. When children are given the opportunity to explore their world through play they become better problem solvers and calmer, more focused learners. Children deserve and need the time to figure out, connect and process the world around them without batteries, electric sockets and constant programming. I am not expecting kids not to use computers and technology. I am expecting kids to have the opportunity to learn limits, balance and the ability to know how to play when given down time.


Our classrooms are filled with these opportunities every day and so can your home! Practice our TLC mantra: Watch. Wait. Wonder. Stepping back and observe how your child takes in information. How does she interact with others? How does he problem solve? What help does your child need to figure out the answer without solving the problem for him? What should happen next to provide your child with mastering a skill? What needs to be addressed to move a child to the next level of learning? All this goes on with every child, in every class, all day long. Sound complicated? It's not! 


Next time you're experiencing a "storm" in your house, how can you figure out to "dance in the rain?" 




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