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This Election Was Stressful...and Not Just For You



I am often asked my opinion regarding many things about young children. Anyone that knows me also knows that when it comes to young children, parenting, and education I often share my opinion even when it is not asked! This is one of those times!


Young children do not come with an owner's manual. We do know that they hear and see everything around them. They are copy cats. They want to be just like mommy and daddy.  Your children are "reading" you more than you know. You may not get their feedback immediately but it is there. They repeat and model what they see and hear in their play with their peers, how they interact with other adults, and how they feel about themselves. They do come into the world with their own wiring and temperament but what they are exposed to plays a great role in their developing personality.


We live in a world where accessing information occurs as easy as taking a breath. Just like in past elections there is much discussion, action and reaction as we go through the transition of a newly elected president. There is lots of conversation and coverage of this transition and change. Change can cause a lot of "big feelings" for adults. As adults we want to seek out information but not at the expense of our children. 


So what does this mean to you- the adults in your child's life? Be the model of what you want your child to be.  Protect them from what they cannot understand. This may be something on the TV or an adult conversation that is not meant for children. Put your phone down when you are interacting with your child. Our nonverbal communication-our facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, posture, and tone of voice speaks the loudest. 


Life is filled with changes and stressors at every stage of development. Our youngest population is learning the coping skills needed to manage their everyday stressors-learning to wait, having to share, practicing putting their own coat on, being tired, not wanting to stop playing, wanting to be independent and then changing their mind! And to think we thought being a kid was so easy!

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This Election Was Stressful...and Not Just For You

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