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A State of Wonderment

“It is in playing and only in playing that the individual child or adult is able to be creative and to use the whole personality, and it is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self."

Donald Winnicott


I recently read an article in The Wall Street Journal (yes, really!) about seeing the world through the eyes of the young child.  Nine reasons were listed.  As I read the article I realized I was smiling, recognizing that they were describing the very people I spend most of my time with.  Young children AND many adults that can still see the world through the eyes of the young child. Take a minute as you read the following to see if any of these fit:


“Everything is New-Kids are fascinated by everything because it’s all new to them.  Every day is new to them, so everything seems exciting and full of possibilities…Try to feel like each day is a clean slate and anything can happen!”


“Everything Is A Learning Experience-Children are interested in learning as much as they can. How many times have you heard a child ask ‘why?’ over and over and again?” 


“Everyone Is A Possible Friend-How many times have you gone to the grocery store hoping that you could get in and out without having to make conversation with a stranger?....Children are always open to meeting new people.  They want to smile and make friends and learn people’s names and what they do and why?”


“You Think Positively-Children don’t automatically think the worst when presented with a new situation, like we might if we hear that our boss wants to see us…”


“The World Is Full Of Possibilities-“…you can be anything when you grow up.  The world is full of possibilities and you can get in on any of them.  If you’ve always wanted to be an artist, take a painting class and give it a try! The fact is, the world is full of possibilities for everyone, not just children who haven’t really lived yet.”


“Your Imagination Is Limitless- “As you age, you learn more facts, experience more life, and learn what is logical and possible.  It’s necessary to be a functioning adult, but unfortunately it also cramps your imagination…Kids don’t have this problem.  Kids’ imagination are limitless.  Once your imagination can roam more freely, use it to tackle home and work tasks and see how innovative your presentations will be now.”


Now if you are thinking that you have lost some of your “wonderment” please call me…..

Marsha Mitnick- to schedule a visit at The Learning Center.  It’s true what they say about young children-they are contagious…not their germs, their attitude.



For Temple Shir Shalom-The Learning Center says-future.

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