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The Best Bubble To Live In


"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."



As the director of Temple Shir Shalom’s preschool I fully admit I live in a bubble.  Spending time in the world of a preschooler means magic is real, feelings come from the heart, and play is the local language. At this age a preschooler is learning ideas and coping skills that will impact them for a very long time.  Their learning style is both brain wired and nurtured from countless experiences.


I often hear when talking to “the unenlightened” that if you work with preschoolers than all you do is play.  “Where’s the academics?” At Temple Shir Shalom’s Preschool: The Learning Center, every child participates in a rigorous curriculum that is driven by a Developmental Profile.  Every playful activity is driven by skills needed to blossom academically and socially.  Having fun and being playful does not mean there isn’t significant education being provided and milestones being met.


If you are an educator at The Learning Center you are a master at playing. You figure out what skill the child needs and how to hook him or her in playing with what they love and then…the practice of a new skill begins.  If the child is ready he or she then stretches the play by bringing in another child and the sharing of ideas begins.  This scenario may have started because Gillian found a toad in the garden and seems to be picking it up with a bit too much force.  An “exhibit” is created by a child and now a haven for the toad is created.  Other children gather around the exhibit and the giggling begins as five children observe the seven baby toads swimming and playing in the pool with some water in it.  The teacher asks questions and the children of multiple ages listen to one another’s answers.  This experience goes way beyond the mitzvah of taking care of nature and caring for living creatures.


Definitely something to be said about living in a bubble…


There is still time to join the fun!  Enrollment for September 2018 is growing and you can be a part of it. There are spaces available in our 2 ½ year old class and our 3 year old class.


Contact Marsha Mitnick at or call directly 248.406.4255


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