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“Thank goodness I was never sent to school;

 it would have rubbed off some of the originality.”

-Beatrix Potter



The season of spring is all about new beginnings, fresh starts and growth.   All that spring represents is exactly how a child learns. Their sense of wonder, originality and newness is a constant state.  They live, love and play in the moment.  Their sense of past and future holds little weight in how they explore the world. It is this sense of novel discovery that is the most fascinating when working with young children.  The season of spring exists year round when in the presence of the child.


The role of the family and a child’s home is all important at this stage for the young child. Bridging home and school in a collaborative liaison will further cultivate the success of the child. The Shir Shalom Early Childhood Learning Center understands the way a child learns and how he or she takes in and delivers information. It is this uniqueness of the individual and the importance of relationships that makes our classroom a child’s “home away from home.”  Our way of educating is respecting who the child is, where he or she came from, and what he or she brings to the process. 


Much of the growth of spring is what we see when we look outside.  Visually we see the buds on the trees, tulips sprouting and the grass turning green. We are not always able to see the process of this development.  This is often the case with young children.  We know they are growing because we see their clothes getting too small.  They may share with us their factual knowledge of colors, numbers, letters and holidays by answering our questions or pointing.  But the process of becoming a “mensch” is very hard to measure. The Shir Shalom Early Childhood Learning Center offers this social emotional process like no other educational facility. We acknowledge, nurture, and promote the subtleties needed in this crucial area of development. 


Please contact me at with any questions or comments about this exciting new adventure…

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