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Camp Teva, A Summer for Growth


Take Note Parents!


I take full responsibility for being one of the very last contributors to turn in my Scribe article. It isn’t just because I am busy. It isn’t because I don’t want to write the article.  It’s usually because it takes some time to research and find a relevant topic. This article started as a Parent Survival Kit/article, which led to Parenting Trends in 2019. Surfing assorted blogs I was astonished to find threads of discussions regarding parenting style. Now this is worth talking about!


We have all heard the term “helicopter parenting.” Parents that are overprotective or takes excessive interest in the life of their child or children. Parents that are so controlling it is difficult for a child to learn independence and develop resilience. It seems that there is a new trend. “Lawnmower parents.” Lawnmower parents are guilty of “mowing down” any obstacles that their children may face so they never actually have to encounter any discomfort. What makes a parent feel uncomfortable if their child is uncomfortable? Obviously there is a range and limited threshold for the preschool aged child. College professors have taken note, as they see students in attendance that have limited personal motivation, difficulty making decisions without the guidance of others and accomplishing things on his or her own.


At The Learning Center we recognize that a being a skilled parent is exhausting and, at times stressful, overwhelming and frustrating. I work hard at training my staff to constantly view the parent component as a developmental process.  Kids don’t come with manuals. There is much exploration at our staff meetings as we share with one another the developmental levels of our students and parents. Just like every child learns differently, every parent has a unique style based on who they are and how they were parented.


As is Temple Shir Shalom, The Learning Center is a relationship based community.  We offer an exceptional understanding of the young child, parenting styles and skills and provide guidance and resources based on who your child is in the school setting. Our curriculum offers opportunities in every area for your young child to build strong social emotional skills and coping skills which are gateways to academic success.


Rarely do I draw a link as I did above to the young child and their college education. Yet, research continually shows how important these early years are in the development of the young child. We know that at The Learning Center. We embrace it at The Learning Center.  Ask any child that attends The Learning Center…and they think they are just having fun!

ENROLLMENT HAS STARTED- Summer Camp Teva 2019 and Fall Preschool 2019!


Please contact me to schedule a visit: Marsha Mitnick



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