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I recently spent a great deal of time on the computer visiting parenting blogs. For those that are unsure of what a blog is let me clarify. A blog is an informational website that displays information in the reverse chronological order, with latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject. Often a blog has a following that returns again and again to gather more information. This is the way present day parents often research their parenting questions.


I have big concerns with this method of research. Often It is not evidence-based research.  It is frequently someone’s opinion based on their experience. Although committed to the greater good this opinion may not be created by authorities trained in early childhood or child psychology. It then becomes a mainstream opinion as parents share with other parents. It certainly has a positive side. You can receive it fast and this often satisfies the parent searching for answers.


But what about the young child? What role do they play in all their parents research? If a preschooler could write a blog, share their opinions about what works best for them, here is what this blog might say:

  • PLAY- I have got to play. I learn to understand the world around me through play. Even when I get a new toy, I don’t always need someone to tell or show me how to play with it.

  • RELATIONSHIPS- I learn best through relationships. If I feel attached, I feel better about myself.

  • BOUNDARIES- I thrive on boundaries that fit my age. I know it’s confusing because sometimes it looks like I don’t want boundaries…but I really feel much safer with them.

  • SAFETY- I learn best when I feel safe. I know you won’t let me run in the street but there are so many other ways to help me feel safe. Feeding me healthy foods and sitting with me at dinner, not pushing me when I just have had it and my favorite is snuggling and reading me a book.

  • FOLLOW THROUGH- OK I may be cute but when I get older, I may not be this cute. I am going to make mistakes now, even get into “preschool” trouble and helping me now will help me later.

  • READ MY CUES- I try hard to tell you what is on my mind. When I don’t have words, I am showing you in other ways. It’s kind of like playing charades.

  • SLOW DOWN- I can see it’s not easy being a mom or dad! I can be so confusing sometimes. If you could slow down and look at things through my eyes and not always hurry through everything, I might not be so confusing.

  • PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE- I love when we Facetime with Nana. I love seeing videos of me when I was little. But when you’re on the phone all the time I feel left out and not important. Sometimes that’s when I act out to get your attention.

  • SEND ME TO THE LEARNING CENTER- Mom and Dad I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings. I was just letting you know what the research is saying about kids. There is a place that really knows about how we learn.  It’s called Temple Shir Shalom’s Preschool: The Learning Center. They are now taking applications for Summer Camp AND Fall Preschool 2020.  I have got to get in there!

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