Ultimate Medicine: Laughter


“Thank you, fantasy football draft, for letting me know that even in my fantasies, I am bad at sports.”

-Jimmy Fallon


I like Jimmy Fallon. He’s funny and I think having a sense of humor is a great gift. It’s also an incredible coping mechanism. During different times in my life watching stand-up comedians or seeing live stand up was medicinal. Believe me, I am not a bliss ninny. I am very well informed regarding politics, the state of the world and our local news. The impact of the Coronavirus and all the changes it has created is something I have never experienced. There is no guidebook written on how to manage what is before us. What I do have is a great sense of humor.


I come from a long line of relatives that had, and those that are still living, have a great sense of humor. In Dr. George Valiant’s book Aging Well, Valiant documents the Harvard Medical School’s longitudinal study of 824 students, men and women, some rich, some poor, from their teens to old age. Valiant uses their individual histories to demonstrate the characteristics needed to reach a happy, healthy old age. Of the 824 people those that coped best during their life time were those that had a sense of humor. Rich or poor, the sense of humor ruled.


In Matt Davis' article: “Why Sense of Humor is an Essential Life Skill” (Matt Davis, The Big Think https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/04/why-humor-is-an-essential-life-skill/) we are told that a sense of humor can improve your mental and physical health and improve your leadership skills. With all we are going through I’d say now would be a great time (if you haven’t already) to work on your sense of humor. Staying home, managing young children, working from home, acting like a teacher, figuring out grocery shopping, attending to your budget…yep right about now improving your mental and physical health AND leadership skills might not be a bad idea!


If you have young children you are aware that Frozen 2 is not funny, especially after seeing it over 6 times. If you have young children you are aware that kids attention spans are not funny, there extremely short. (Not the kids, their attention span.) If you have young children you are aware that kids need repetition, and you really thought you explained it right the first time. If you have young children you are well aware that kids make noise and have to move, and when and where is not always in sync with your personal bubble.


Parents it is hard work being a mom and dad! Find your sense of humor, the pay backs are countless!  The clutter will clear, the movies will change and eventually it will get quiet. For now get in front of it and lead like it’s a parade!

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